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Douwe Egberts – Douwe Egberts South Africa

At VDP we are the proud distributors of the Douwe Egberts Professional range, specialising in the out of home market.

As a household name in the world of coffee, Douwe Egberts is synonymous with quality and consistency. With a range of beans, filter coffee and 1,5g sachets, we cater for everything from the smallest coffee shops to the biggest hotel, including small medium and large offices. We have a team of coffee specialists operating nationally who will give you expert advice on any coffee related advise you may not. We also boast with a team of highly skilled barista’s who travel to our clients and do intensive on-site barista training.

Douwe Egberts have over the years mastered the art of blending coffee from different origins together to offer an incredibly consistent taste profile that will taste the same throughout every batch. The roastery in The Netherlands is a bacteria free zone, with no human touch from green bean to sealed and packaged. This ensures that no bacteria are sealed in with the roasted product which could cause it to speed up the ageing process. This means that when you open your bag of coffee, it is as fresh as the day it was roasted.

By using only equipment brands we know delivers high quality coffee, world class barista training and in our opinion the worlds best blended coffee, we can promise that you will get a better coffee experience. You deserve a better coffee!